Friday, September 10, 2010


Anticipation. Expectation. Hope. Eagerness. Peace. Joy.

These are the words that come to mind when I look back to my pregnancy all those years ago. Somewhere around month 7, anticipation took a front seat among these. There was a point where it all just felt so ... REAL. Baby didn't just kick occasionally. He tumbled, punched, kicked, and stretched ALL THE TIME. It was reassuring. And it was REAL.

I didn't look fat anymore. I looked 'with child.' And, more importantly, I *felt* pregnant.

For me, that attitude switch evolved into an ever present itch to meet my baby face to face. To be able to share him with the rest of my family as well as the world. I hardly ever removed my hand from my belly from that point forward. I just felt so connected. So eager. So full of anticipation for all that was about to begin. And while there is no way I could wrap my brain around what that would mean exactly, I was so excited and ready to jump in with both feet.

Our friends M & B are expecting their first bundle of joy, a boy. M has just passed that 7 month mark herself and is becoming more perfectly pregnant with every passing day.

I didn't ask her when things started to feel so very real to her, but I can tell that she too is embracing all that comes with the run up to motherhood.

To celebrate this moment in time, to embrace all of the changes so far, to anticipate all of the milestones yet to come ... we spent a fun afternoon at a friend's house taking pictures, chatting, and even sharing an Oreo or two.

Here are a couple of my favorite images from that afternoon:

CONGRATULATIONS M & B! Before you know it, Baby E will be here and you will not remember how you ever drew a breath without him. In the meantime, soak up everything around you. Take some time to enjoy the changing shape of your body as well as your life.

Parenthood is one of the craziest rides you can ever imagine, but it's worth every single twist and turn. I promise!


About This Blog

I'm a proud mom of a very active little boy. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to document the many milestones throughout his life so far. These moments are precious to me. So I grabbed a camera and snapped away. I dabbled a bit in scrapbooking and took some time to learn at least the basics of photography. After all, kids grow so fast and you can't turn back the time.

But as he got old enough for school and team sports, I was so very disappointed in the offerings out there. I'm proud of my All Star in every thing he pours his heart into!

So I picked up a copy of Photoshop and tried my best to create momentos to capture these memories.

I'd love a chance to help you stop time for a moment as well.


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