Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coach Brook

This week has found me, once again, struggling with my day job. Lack of sleep and just plain carelessness on my part made my efforts more of a struggle than necessary. But in the end, I came out OK. One project (at least) crossed off of my to-do list and a content client to boot. Add to that the fact that I actually learned how to do a bunch of new things and I guess things aren't as bad as I sometimes make them out to be. And heck, in this economy I should probably just be relieved I have a job about which to complain.

But what has that got to do with photos or collages?

It's the same old story really ... when I'm stressed at my paying job, I turn to a creative effort to pull me out of my funk. There is just something truly relaxing to me about playing with pictures. It's just that ... PLAY. I let my mind go. It doesn't matter how strange the idea may seem at first. And it doesn't matter if it pans out on the screen. It's PLAY after all.

I am still wading my way through the 3 full memory cards I filled up featuring the fine folks at Windy Sport & Fitness. So far, you've been introduced to Mr. Jermaine and Mike "the Truth" Jackson, but we still have at least 3 more Windy representatives you haven't met yet! The next to be featured is Little Man's Muay Thai coach, Mr. Brook.

We've had the pleasure to know & train alongside Coach Brook for well over a year at least. He's become another great friend and he brings a lot of fun and enthusiasm to any training situation. For me, one of the most important things he's done is to share his enthusiasm (as well as knowledge) with my little guy. Logan simply LOVES his muay thai class and he thinks Coach Brook hung the moon. Brook's fervor for training is downright contagious and Logan seems to have a terminal case. But you won't find me complaining about THAT!

So ... are you ready for me to stop rambling and make the necessary introductions?

Meet Coach Brook, Muay Thai Master at Windy Sport & Fitness in College Station:

I hope you like these Brook! You were fun to photograph and I hope I get the chance to do this on a regular basis. :)


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I'm a proud mom of a very active little boy. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to document the many milestones throughout his life so far. These moments are precious to me. So I grabbed a camera and snapped away. I dabbled a bit in scrapbooking and took some time to learn at least the basics of photography. After all, kids grow so fast and you can't turn back the time.

But as he got old enough for school and team sports, I was so very disappointed in the offerings out there. I'm proud of my All Star in every thing he pours his heart into!

So I picked up a copy of Photoshop and tried my best to create momentos to capture these memories.

I'd love a chance to help you stop time for a moment as well.


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