Monday, June 14, 2010


I *really* should not be sharing this just yet. It's a Father's Day surprise. But I happen to know DH is pretty darn busy, so I'm hoping he won't notice this until the time is right.

So ... down to business... the business of Father's Day. This is a pretty big deal in our house. When you have a Daddy as awesome as Logan's daddy, this is a major holiday. Logan began asking me about our Dad's Day preparations WEEKS ago. Every time we go shopping, he hovers near his Dad and then comes running to me every time he shows the slightest interest in any little item. :+) I gotta tell you ... I *love* this about my boy. He's genuinely in concerned that his Dad know just how special he is to us both. *thump, thump* *thump, thump* (that's my heart beating, if you didn't recognize it!)

SO ... we narrowed our list down to about a half dozen things and then Logan picked out his favorite of the bunch (while still reserving some of the 'good stuff' for Daddy's birthday next month). And I think he chose REALLY well. He picked this WAY COOL black fedora. DH was modeling it the last time we were at the mall and I gotta tell you ... *I* wanted to get it right then and there. But Logan was right - this is just the kind of thing for a special occasion. So we waited.

Last week, we picked up the hat so we could finalize our Dad's Day plans.
Step One: pick up the hat (whew, it was still in stock).
Step Two: hair cut for Logan (I know, it seems unconnected, stay with me).
Step Three: pictures of Logan WEARING his Daddy's new hat!!! (see ... hair cut a necessity)
Step Four: new hat and new pictures for Daddy on Father's Day! WOO HOO!!!! (SCORE!)

Wanna see?!?!?!?! Just don't tell Daddy!!!

and, of course, I can't JUST take pictures. Here are the collages ....

I can hardly WAIT for Sunday morning to get here! WOO HOO!


JD June 14, 2010 at 3:18 PM  

***giggles with excitement***

Ohhhhhhhh those photos!!!!!!!! That boy!!!!!!! Can't imagine a more perfect gift.

You need to get Logan a matching one, girl!

Adria June 14, 2010 at 8:50 PM  

It's funny you say that, JD. Logan has already said he NEEDS a hat like that now. As he grows so fast, I don't think I'll be shelling out the $$$ for a really nice one like this. But I'll bet we can find something that will fit the bill for now. :+)

And just THINK of the photos I can get of them in MATCHING hats. :+)

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