Monday, April 19, 2010


It's no secret that I like collages (this blog wouldn't be here otherwise). So you can imagine my GLEE to see that the Iheartfaces challenge this week is ALL ABOUT COLLAGES!!!

For me, the hardest part was picking one to share. In the end, I opted for this one. It's one of my faves of my big guy. It's rare he lets me snap his picture outside of sports and school activities. So I treasure these looks more than I can say.

These photos were taken last summer in downtown Bryan. It's one of my favorite places to shoot (as you might have guessed by so many of our family photos set there). There are so many wonderful locations and backdrops ... it's just a fun place to be (and the BEST part is stopping at Casa Rod's when you're done)! MMMMMMM!

I encourage you all to hop over to Iheartfaces and see the incredible array of entries for this week! Maybe you'll get inspired to post your OWN collage for the week!


fiddlehead April 19, 2010 at 12:05 PM  

This is beautiful! I love the way it composed.

JAMIE ANN April 19, 2010 at 12:36 PM  

For sure I think it is a winner!

Christy April 19, 2010 at 1:19 PM  

What a cutie! I love the way you put the collage together!

JD April 19, 2010 at 3:07 PM  

Brilliant, girl, I love the colors and the way you placed the photos together, very eye catching. Not to mention his sweet face.... can't.get.enough.of.Logan!!!!!!

This is definitely your category -- wish I knew how to do this!

Danielle April 19, 2010 at 9:45 PM  

Wow! Love those photos! great job!

jodi April 19, 2010 at 11:33 PM  

what a charming face! beautifully collaged!

Katherine April 20, 2010 at 4:07 AM  

Very, very eye catching. The colours are just beautiful. Nice work, there is something so nice about all the tones.

Lovely work..

Please stop by my blog at if you get the chance...

K xx

Anita Johnson April 20, 2010 at 6:58 AM  

This is stunning...I had to go back and look at it again!

Leslie April 20, 2010 at 7:37 AM  

Nicely done! Beautiful pictures!

Adria April 20, 2010 at 10:13 AM  

Thank you, one and all! I can't tell you how this warms my heart. :+)

Tracey April 20, 2010 at 11:11 AM  

Beautiful colors! And great background...and handsome boy!

Melissa April 20, 2010 at 11:30 AM  

Love the texture in these photos! Great collage!

Cheryle April 20, 2010 at 1:47 PM  

what a handsome young man! Love the editing and the way the collage is put together!!

Sarah April 20, 2010 at 2:57 PM  

Love the colorful backdrops & posing in your photos. Priceless pictures of your little guy! And the collage looks great. Thank you for stopping by & leaving such a sweet comment.


Elyssa April 20, 2010 at 5:29 PM  

Beautiful collage! Love the processing :)

April April 20, 2010 at 6:22 PM  

The use of shadows is amazing, very dramatic.

RaD April 21, 2010 at 2:51 PM  

Wow! Your collage puts mine to shame. You did a great job! And your boy is very handsome.

Divas and dreams photography blog April 21, 2010 at 4:17 PM  

Such a great collage of a very cute boy!! Love your work!!!

Thauna April 27, 2010 at 1:30 PM  

OMG, this collage is adorable!! I love it!

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