Monday, June 20, 2011

P52 - Week 24

I had a tough time deciding what to share for week 24 of this little project. In the end, I decided to gather a few shots from our walk through a local antique car show.

We try to go to this each summer, despite the oppressive heat (& it was more than oppressive even though we opted to go at 9 o'clock in the morning before it gets REALLY bad around here). We're never disappointed. There are just so many cool cars to see. And each one is like a little slice of history.

My better half tends to prefer the early '50s Mercury and Buick models. And who can blame him? Those toothy grills and sleek lines are hard to match. I tend to be SLIGHTLY more modern in my favorite style - I like the late '60s/early '70s muscle cars, especially the Chevelles.

I think a big part of my connection to the Chevelle is that I actually drove one for a year or two. My junior year in college. I adored that ride. It was cool. It was mean. It was FAST (with a capital F). And it was L-O-U-D!

I kid you not. When I turned over that engine in a crowded parking lot, I would set off car alarms like an earthquake had hit. My roommate (& cousin) called it my 'bad girl car.' And I felt a bit rebellious when driving it.

Sadly, as a struggling college student, especially after getting married the summer between my junior and senior years, I just could not afford the upkeep a car like that required. So it was sold and a more reliable ride was soon parked in my lot.

I miss that ride though. And going to these shows always sparks in me a desire to find another one. The red super sport model in the top left corner is strongly reminiscent of my big blue bad girl car. It's probably good that we were only allowed to look and not touch at the show. I might have been tempted to indulge in a joy ride otherwise. :+p


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I'm a proud mom of a very active little boy. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to document the many milestones throughout his life so far. These moments are precious to me. So I grabbed a camera and snapped away. I dabbled a bit in scrapbooking and took some time to learn at least the basics of photography. After all, kids grow so fast and you can't turn back the time.

But as he got old enough for school and team sports, I was so very disappointed in the offerings out there. I'm proud of my All Star in every thing he pours his heart into!

So I picked up a copy of Photoshop and tried my best to create momentos to capture these memories.

I'd love a chance to help you stop time for a moment as well.


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