Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

I am sure this was a ploy to get me off my duff and back to updating this blog. Well ... it worked. My dear friend (& fellow Treat Mom) JD, awarded 7 bloggers the Kreativ Blogger award. I was at first quite surprised to be included in her list of 7, but I know for certain that her motives were not entirely altrustic. This is her way of nudging me ever so gently into getting back onto the blogging bandwagon.

JD has a flair for words. She can find the right ones to set a mood, paint a picture, and even motivate the most reluctant of bloggers.

Despite my best efforts so far, my blog has ... well ... barely gotten off the ground. But JD, due to your nudging, I will make an EXTRA effort to get into some kind of flow here. (And it doesn't hurt that I hope to have some pretty new displays to show off in the very near future!)

So ... back to the story ... THIS is the Kreative Blogger thingy ...

Isn't it pretty? Much more dainty than most things you will see posted here on my little blog.

Now ... down to business ... the rules for accepting this award are as such ....

  1. Tell a little about the person who gave you the award and link back to them.

    JD ROCKS! What else can I say?!?! I've had the extreme pleasure to call her friends for almost 9 years now. She played momma bird to a nest full of first-time-moms-to-be when I was expecting my little prince and she was expecting Princess Jillian. When you share a walk like that, you just can't help but form lasting bonds. Since then, our paths have continued to intertwine again and again as we walk this winding path called Motherhood. I am so proud to call her my friend. And the whole family feels just a wee bit Canadian after sharing so much with JD and her Zoo. (as for the required link ... click on that Kreative Blogger thingy ... it'll take you right back to her little space in the blog-o-sphere.)

  2. Copy and paste the award and include it in a blog post.
    ... see above ...

  3. List seven (7) interesting things about yourself that people may not know.

    I'm going to ignore the "interesting" descriptor ... that's a soapbox I refuse to stand upon. :+P
    Let's see ... 7 random things about me .....

    ** Even at the ripe old age of 39, I study martial arts. Right now, my focus is on judo. I love judo. I love that my whole family trains together. And I'm thrilled at participating in a tournament in less than 2 weeks. I'll come out of it battered, bruised, and feeling easily twice my rather advanced years. But I'll still enjoy every single second of it - win, lose, or draw.

    ** I think there is very little that doesn't taste better wrapped in a good piece of bread. I can make a sandwhich out of just about anything. Pickles and mayo. MMMMM! Tuna and cheetos. MMMMM! Turkey, dressing, and apple slices. BRING IT ON!

    ** I've been married 17 incredible years. And even after 20+ years together, he still manages to surprise me. And he still makes me feel like the most important woman on the planet. Can you say "blessed" boys and girls?

    ** I live in a place where the 4 seasons are ... HOT, HOTTER, SWELTERING, and Will-Be-Hot-Again-Real-Soon.

    ** Growing up, I swore I would never have children (boy am I glad I grew out of THAT stupid idea!).

    ** I would like to get a tatoo for my 40th birthday (or 20th wedding anniversary). I even have the design already - just need to find an artist I actually trust.

    ** I hate doing the dishes. With a passion. But I hate the way other people do it even more, so it is my primary chore at home. (How sad is that?!)

  4. Pick seven (7) Kreativ Blogger friends to pass the award to. Link to their blogs in your post and ask them to follow these "rules" in accepting their award!
    OK ... I'm going to list 7 blogs, but as I think only JD actually READS my blog, I'm not truly tagging anyone. If they decide they want to participate, that's AWESOME, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    ** Pioneer Woman Photography

    ** NJOY the Moment Photography

    ** ESTI Photography Chatter

    ** Stephanie Bryan Photography

    ** Dooce

    ** Pasko Photography

    ** the Pixelated Image

OK ... I've done my best here, JD. A brand new blog post. And yes, it worked. I feel like getting a few other things posted. I need to finish up a few new Christmas card designs, but as soon as I do ... they should be the next post. And hopefully I'll have a few other things to share asap as well.

Thanks for the nudge (gentle or not) Sunshine!


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